How to prepare for bank exam without coaching?

There is no better option than self-study. Even the professionals and the Ex-toppers stress over the power of self-study. Most of the students feel that they cannot crack any competitive exam without coaching. But first, tell me what is the role of coaching centers?

They just give you study material for preparation and channelize your time management skills.  But what if you get the study material for free and time management is definitely your cup of tea. The coaching centers just charge thousands of rupees from the aspirants and offer substantially nothing good than performing self-study.

If joining coaching centers is so important then it means that the students who cannot afford such expensive coaching are destined to fail? No, Not at all!

There are many brilliant and intelligent students who just get deprived of jobs, due to lack of proper guidance and study material.  But let me tell you one thing, “The ultimate limit is you”. You have to push yourself beyond the conventional thinking and clear the banking exam with your own efforts of self-study.

You never know that which coaching center is good for you. There are 100 students sitting in a class and only one teacher is giving the lecture. How can be so sure that you can succeed this way? You can crack the exam by doing self-study as the complete study material is available for download absolutely free.

Benefits of self-study

  • Study the exam pattern first. Explore the complete syllabus and mark the areas which you think requires more effort.
  • While you perform self-study, you tend to learn more new things while exploring the answers.
  • Self-study does not pressurize you. While in a coaching center you have to learn and study as per them.  It becomes a burdensome activity.
  • Self-study does not bound or restricts the students as per the learning time. The aspirants can devote as much time as they want over their weaker subject.
  • Self-study notes are far better than the coaching notes. Also, the notes made by you are perfect as per your convenience and cannot be Xeroxed by others.
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  1. Make a Time Table

This is the main step involving self-study. Without a proper plan or timetable, self-study will not be effective. You need to motivate yourself to follow the timetable strictly as every year the competition is going tough.

  1. Concept Clearance

It is really important that whatever subject you start with, make sure that you begin from the basics. As if your basics are clear, the foundation will be strong. Make sure that you don’t face any doubts at the later stages.

  1. Set small milestones

You know that you cannot cover the full syllabus in an overnight study. Divide you complete syllabus into smaller milestones which should be covered every week. This way you will be confident that all that which you have studied has been absorbed in your brain.

  1. Good Study Material

This is a very common mistake followed by many students as they just pick any random book from the market and start preparing it. Guys, please follow standard books. These books will give you original and most appropriate content.

  1. Take online help

Having an internet-powered device is as good as having a library. You can easily download all the study material and standard books from the internet for free. If you face any problem in any subject or topic, there are many online videos and tutorials to guide you.

  1. Enroll in mocks

The best way is to give as many mocks as you can. This will help to build your speed as well as accuracy. And most importantly it will let you analyze your weaker and stronger areas.

  1. Skipping tricky questions
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While attempting the exam, skip those questions which you feel are tricky or for which you are less confident. The first attempt all the questions you know and then come back to the skipped ones. Also, if you feel that a particular question is taking too much time, skip that immediately.

  1. Study in groups

Learning becomes fun with like-minded people. You can easily clarify your doubts and may get more valuable information while studying in the group.

  1. Stay Motivated

It is always better when you are motivated by yourself and not by others. Stay motivated and never let the fighting spirit die in you.  Trust yourself and your instincts. Your hard work and determination will surely pay.

  1. Stay away from distractions

Forget everything and focus on your studies and your dream to crack the exam. There should not be any second thought popping in your mind regarding parties, cricket or football matches etc.

Cracking the bank exam is completely in your hands. Best of luck!

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