Tricks and Formulae

Tricks and Formulae:

Quality of banking exams are quite tough these days and all that matter is how fast candidates can solve the problem. Hence candidates needs easy tips and tricks in order to solve the problems easily and find the answer.

IBPS Preparation Team works very hard in order to get easy Tricks and Formulae for all the subjects and exams in order to solve the problems easily.

More the speed of Solving problems chances of cracking the banking exams becomes sure for the candidates these days.

Hence candidates should now not only focus on practising all the subjects regularly but focus on the speed of solving problems and follow the tips and tricks given in this category.

How to prepare for bank exam without coaching?

tricks & formulae

There is no better option than self-study. Even the professionals and the Ex-toppers stress over the power of self-study. Most of the students feel that they cannot crack any competitive exam without coaching. But first, tell me what is the role of coaching centers? They just give you study material for preparation and channelize your […]

Profit And Loss shortcuts to Score Well in Bank Exams


Dear Reader, below are 7 types of profit and loss problems which you will often find in bank exams. Though some types look difficult at first, you can solve them easily by using simple formulas or profit and loss shortcuts. Type I: Direct Formula Based Profit And Loss Percentages (Why This Is Easy?) This type […]

IBPS Interview – Common & Top Asking Questions

IBPS Bank Exam

Here we are providing some very common interview question, these are mostly asked in interview by interviewer. So you should know these questions and should prepare accordingly, some questions are common and some question can be very unique (Tricky), so you should be aware of current affairs & what is trending. Interviewer can also ask […]

Numbers Problem

tricks & formulae

Numbers Problem – Tricks, Short Cut Methods and Formulae to solve Maths numbers problem asked in Banking Exams. Types of Numbers 1.Natural Numbers : Counting numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5,….. are called natural numbers. 2.Whole Numbers : All counting numbers together with zero form the set of whole numbers. Thus, (i) 0 is the only […]

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