Understanding Blood Relations for Relationship Questions

Questions on Blood Relations focus on testing the ability of a student to identify different family relationships. It is very important that one has a clear understanding of various terms used to describe family relationships. The test-taker is expected to work out a relationship between people from the information given in the question.

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Typical terms used in Blood Relations

The relations can be classified in the following way:

Classification according to generation

1st Generation Grandfather, Grandmother
2nd Generation Mother, Father, Uncle, Aunt
3rd Generation Self, Sister, Brother, Sister-in-law, Brother-in-law, Cousin
4th Generation Son, Daughter, Nephew, Niece
5th Generation Grandson, Granddaughter

Additionally, all relatives on one’s father’s side are paternal relatives and all relatives on one’s mother’s side are maternal relatives.

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Typical blood relations questions

  1. The relationship between two people is given through a roundabout route, relating them to other people. One has to go through a series of relationships between the two people in the question. The relationships can just be as a simple statement or as a statement made by another person.
  2. Certain codes are used to describe different relationships and then a “statement” is given relating people using these codes. On the basis of the interpretation of the codes, the relationship between the people should be established.

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