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Pointing to a girl, Radha said, ‘She is the daughter of my grandmother’s only child.’ How is the girl related to Radha ?
1) Sister
2) Self
3) Cousin sister
4) Data inadequate
5) None of these


‘Data Processing’ is related to ‘Raw Data’ in the same way as ‘University’ is related to

  1. Teacher
  2. Building
  3. Students
  4. Principal
  5. None of these

Ans : 3 

’Bank’ is related to ‘Money’ in the same way as ‘Transport’ is related to

  1. Goods
  2. Road
  3. Movement
  4. Traffic
  5. Speed

Ans 1.

In a certain code BOARD is written as 53169 NEAR is written as 2416 How is NODE written in that code ?

  1. 2394
  2. 2694
  3. 2894
  4. None of these

Ans: 1

Four of the following five are alike in a certain way and so form a group. Which is the one that does not belong to that group?
  1. Aluminium
  2. Chlorine
  3. Mica
  4. Zinc

Ans: 3

BE’ is related to ‘GJ’ in the same way as ‘PS’ is related to
1) UY
2) UX
3) UZ
4) VY
5) None of these

Ans: 2

In a certain code MAJORITY is written as ‘PKBNXSHQ’. How is SANCTION written in that code?

Ans: 2

In a certain code MOAN is written as 5%3$ and NEWS is written as $1@8. How is SOME written in that code?
1) 8%o51
2) 85%8
3) 8@51
4) 8%31
5) None of these



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