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IBPS Preparation for Quantitative Aptitude, Tips to Crack The IBPS Exam

Mastering quantitative aptitude is just another task that can be fulfilled with focused strategy.  Candidates who prepare for IBPS exam for various posts like PO, Clerk, Specialist Officer etc.  know the importance of Quantitative segment. In this section, the questions act as Calculation  Instruments. This section is extremely scoring and the right understanding of the problem can  help the aspirants to sail through this section.

For cracking IBPS exam, students have to make their command on many knowledge areas like  Quantitative Aptitude. Use our IBPS Quantitative Aptitude books to study Maths. IBPS exam  tests one thing to the core – candidate’s time-management skills. That is why; time-management  is a very crucial factor in cracking the IBPS Exam. Quantitative aptitude section generally  consumes a lot of time of the student. There is hardly any question without multiplication and  division. So we have come up with various short-cut methods in our study material. Candidates  can also remember the large formulas by some tricks or with some unique key to minds, so it  will save time during exam while recalling the formulas.

Our practice material for IBPS gives you the following advantages:
•  practice sessions 
•  daily mock tests 
•  short cut methods for each and every topic 
•  time management suggestions  •  continuous practice 
•  quick solving in exam
•  sharing techniques with others 

As much as candidate practice; his/her speed, accuracy and time limit to solve a particular  section will increase day by day. And to practice this all the IBPS study material, complete  information can be obtained from our trustworthy portal in just few clicks. Our portal includes  topics like Probability, Pipes and Cistern, Time and Work, Chain Rule, Odd Man Out and AP/  GP Series Progression etc. Problems related to Height and Distance, Partnership Train problems  etc. are also included in these books. The problems related to Highest Common Fraction and  Lowest Common Multiple is also given in these IBPS Exams Quantitative Aptitude books. Boat  and streams and Chain Rule are really very interesting concepts to understand and are really  useful in solving problems of our daily day to day life, so it is also included in these IBPS books  for Quantitative Aptitude. The other important topics that have also been encompassed into our  IBPS books for Quantitative Aptitude are Square and Cube Root of different numbers using trick  and techniques, to find out Permutation and Combination, Volume and Surface Area of different  shapes. Clock related questions etc are been covered in these Quantitative Aptitude books for  IBPS Exams.

Other topics Arithmetic/Numerical Ability comprises of : 

  • Number systems  
  • Fractions
  • Ratio and Proportion 
  • Time and work 
  • Percentage 
  • Profit and Loss 
  • Simple Interest and Compound Interest 
  • Average
  • Time and distance 
  • Mensuration 
  • Partnership
  •  Bar graph & Pie-chart 
  • Probability

The topics covered in each section in our IBPS Books are presented in a very efficient and  understandable way. If students carefully explore the Mathematics section, then they will find it  very well organized. Sufficient amount of exercises are also given after each topic. Student can  obtain all the required study material from our portal.