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IBPS Preparation for Computer

Computer knowledge is the major topic in competitive exams because now a days every one using the computers.To crack this section the candidate must check out the topics in the syllabus and revised their concepts well. The topics are more theoretical and required leaning of facts, figure and data and this  section is very scoring and the candidate can increase its percentage in this section to compete others. The section is including various questions on the Computer Fundamentals and basic information that a candidate can found in 5th or 6th standard ICSE books. The candidates who think that he/she  has lack of  the knowledge of the computer must not to worry about it. Those candidates should just learn the Previous papers of PO and CLERK exams. If you have good knowledge in computers this will increase your self-confidence and you will score well, so start your preparation. Prepare yourself for the examination by reading some computer books and search for study material on internet. In this Exam all questions are expecting to come  from well known concepts of Computer and Terminology,Basic Computer Architecture,Internet,MS-Office and E-Commerce Computer Network etc.

This section won’t take much time to answer all the questions,so better to adjust the time in this section and use the time for other sections.Time management is the key point for any competitive exam.

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