The words that are Similar(Synonym) to a word is asked from this topic. From a given word or a given line, one has to find the word that has exact same meaning.

Synonyms are fun, simple and easy to solve and plays a vital role in scoring more in both pre and mains exams of Banking exams of English.

English is accepted as one of the universal languages for communications. It is also widely accepted that knowing English eases the task of understanding terms between two or more business processes coming from different platforms and Synonyms are the part of same english language which helps to score more for the candidate who are appearing for the banking exams or any other competitive exams in India.

Synonyms for IBPS EXAMS


about – close to, almost, approaching, approximately, nearly also – as well as, in addition to, too, moreover, besides amazing – stunning, dazzling, remarkable, astonishing, startling awesome – astonishing, outstanding, impressive, fabulous awful – terrible, horrid, shocking, dreadful, alarming, frightful bad – corrupt, wicked, defective, offensive, repulsive beautiful –  gorgeous, handsome, attractive, appealing, alluring begin […]

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