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Spotting Errors – 1 for Banking Exams:

Spotting Errors

Directions (1-5): Find the Error in the following given sentences. If there is no error marked (5) as your answer:

  1. The climate of Mumbai (1)/ is better than (2)/ the climate of Chennai (3)/ in India (4)/ No error (5).
  2. He availed of (1)/ the chance to sit (2)/ in the annual exam (3)/ last year (4)/No error(5).
  3. Such students (1) / who waste (2) / their time (3)/ fail in exams / No error. (5).
  4. Radha is (1)/ one of the best girls(2)/ who have succeeded(3)/in the entrance exam(4)/No error(5).
  5. Those who (1)/ deceive others (2)/ they are(3)/ corrupt (4)/No error (5).

Directions (6-10): Find the Error in the following given sentences. If there is no error marked (5) as your answer:

  1. Ram is (1)/ too intelligent(2)/ he always stands(3)/ first in the class(4)/ No error(5).
  2. We should (1)/ enough strong (2)/ to support/ our family(3)/ in the time of difficulty(4)/ No error.(5)
  3. My friend(1)/ was very disgusted(2)/ with(3)/ his life(4)/ No error(5).
  4. Her presentation(1)/ is much(2)/ fascinating(3)/ his life(4)/ No error(5).
  5. It is (1)/ nothing else(2)/ than (3)/vanity(4)/ NO error(5).

Answers: Error Correction:

  1. (3) Use that instead of the climate.
    When one thing is compared with another thing then the name of that thing should not be repeated in the sentence and we should always write that of in case of singular comparison and those of in case plural comparison after comparative degree of adjective in that sentence.
  1. (1) Use availed himself of instead of availed of.
    We always use reflexive pronoun after the word (avail) according to the subject of the sentence.
  1. (1) Use those instead of such

  2. (3) Use that instead of who
    One of + superlative degree of adj. + plural noun + that + plural verb.
  1. (3)they should be deleted. Unnecessary pronoun should be deleted.

  2. (2) Use Very in place of too.
    Too is used in negative sentence, it means more than enough. It shows some kind of excess in a sentence. Therefore we should replace it with very.
  1. (2) Use strong enough instead of enough strong. Enough is placed after the word it qualifies.

  2. (2) Use much instead of very.
    Very is used with present participle (verb1) and much is used with past participle (verb2 and verb3)
  1. (2) Use Very instead of much.

  2. (2) Use but instead of then. Nothing else or else is followed by but.

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