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1. One who is out to subvert a government Anarchist

2. One who is recovering from illness Convalescent

3. One who is all powerful Omnipotent

4. One who is present everywhere Omnipresent

5. One who knows everything Omniscient

6. One who is easily deceived Gullible

7. One who does not make mistakes Infallible

8. One who can do anything for money Mercenary

9. One who has no money Pauper

10. One who changes sides Turncoat

11. One who works for free Volunteer

12. One who loves books Bibliophile

13. One who can speak two languages Bilingual

14. One who loves mankind Philanthropist

15. One who hates mankind Misanthrope

16. One who looks on the bright side of things Optimist

17. One who looks on the dark side of things Pessimist

18. One who doubts the existence of god Agnostic

19. One who pretends to be what he is not Hypocrite

20. One incapable of being tired Indefatigable

21. One who helps others Good Samaritan

22. One who copies from other writers Plagiarist

23. One who hates women Misogynist

24. One who knows many languages Polyglot

25. One who is fond of sensuous pleasures Epicure

26. One who thinks only of himself Egoist

27. One who thinks only of welfare of women Feminist.

28. One who is indifferent to pleasure or pain Stoic

29. One who is quite like a woman Effeminate

30. One who has strange habits Eccentric

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