English Preparation for IBPS Exam

English Preparation for IBPS Exam

English is accepted as one of the universal languages for communications. It is also widely accepted that knowing English eases the task of understanding terms between two or more business processes coming from different platforms. IBPS’s CWE includes English language as a recognized way of communication among different banks, all the transactions that takes place day to day and conduction of exams in the same language. All the papers conducted by IBPS include a general paper for testing the knowledge and level of English proficiency among candidates. To facilitate similar platform among young banking aspirants coming from the linguistically differentiating parts of India, it is very important to provide them a common factor to keep the banking sector working without any glitches. By preparing regularly for this section, one can get good scores and also have a good impact during interview by conversing in proper English. Reviewing and preparing well pays off in CWE for IBPS aspirants.

The Common Written Examination tests the English proficiency skills of aspirants in both IBPS preliminary exams and IBPS mains exams as well. The IBPS gives weightage of seventy marks to English language in IBPS Exam, this section can lead as well as shatter candidate’s career. It is often misinterpreted that only people with good communication skills can ace this section, but the truth is that anyone with zeal to clear IBPS exams can overcome the fear of speaking English fluently and score very good marks from this section. The topics included in this section are easy, comprehensible, and simple to learn to. Candidates are recommended to study English newspapers, magazines, watch English news, series and keenly focusing on pronunciation of words to get better understanding of English language.


The IBPS preparation team has curated a brief list of topics that is covered in this section which is commonly asked in CWE.

Commonly the questions are asked from grammar, clause tests, comprehension of passages, meaning of words, synonyms, antonyms, substitution of words in blanks, etc.

Topics from English grammars:

The rules for English grammar, usage of nouns, pronouns, adjectives, verbs and adverbs, conjugations, prepositions etc. are asked.  The topics from which general questions using the grammatical rules of English are asked are as per following:

  • Adjectives: Words that describe a noun or pronoun by identifying and quantifying them. Different types of adjectives and their usage must be known of. Use of adjectives at proper places must be read.
  • Adverb: Words that modify a verb, an adverb or an adjective. The adverbs are asked as part of fill in the blanks questions.
  • Conjunctions: The words that join two or more independent sentences, their proper usage and placing of the words at right place matters in solving English paper of CWE.
  • Nouns: Words that describe name of a person, place, animal or thing. Types of noun and use of noun can be asked.
  • Prepositions: Words that denote a relation with a word or part of a sentence by preceding or coming after a noun or pronoun. Use of prepositions at right places can be asked in the English language paper.
  • Pronouns: Words that are used in place of nouns and refers to either participants of the conversation or anyone taking part in the conversation. Using of right pronoun at right places can be asked in paper.
  • Tenses: Use of past, present, and future tense appropriately in sentences. Simple questions regarding the right tense and words are asked from this topic.
  • Verb: Words that are used to describe an event, action or state and parts of predicate are known as verbs. Simple questions regarding the use of verbs at a particular place is asked in CWE.
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Cloze test: In this topic, from a statement, few of the words are removed; candidates are asked to fill out the blanks with the choices of words given in multiple choices. The concept of cloze test is very simple yet many aspirants of IBPS exam fall in the trick and lose marks over it. The simplest trick to overcome the problem is finding the right set of words by closely reading, crossing out the unnecessary details and then opting for the right choice from the given solutions.

Comprehensive passages: A comprehensive passage includes a literary or any other type of paragraph. It can include a story, a speech, a poem or any article based on which questions are asked. In some comprehensive passages, meaning or context to a particular word or sentence is also asked. Such passages are added to check the ability of understanding of language among candidates.

Rearrangement: In this topic, a statement or a sentence is jumbled up and it is up to candidates to arrange them in the proper order. The jumbled words often confuse candidates but regular reading pays off in such types of questions where one knows how to form a proper sentence.

Synonyms and Antonyms: The words that are similar (synonym) or opposite (antonym) to a word is asked from this topic. From a given word or a given line, one has to find the word that closely relates to the one that is given in the question or exact opposite of it. Synonyms and antonyms are fun, simple and easy to solve.

Substitutions: The substitution problems include filling of blanks with articles or appropriate words. The problems on substitution also involve filling of blanks in a sentence by past/ present of future tenses of a word. These problems are easily solved if a person is prone to reading regularly.

These were some of the topics from where the CWE’s English language proficiency is tested. The best way to prepare for such questions is by going through novels, stories, articles, and speeches irrelevant of the context of reading for exams because English language can only be understood best by reading. The more one reads the more one understands about the passage formations, paragraphs, words, their meanings, their contexts etc. The reading also initiates good knowledge about usage of words at places and replacing good words with simple ones.

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