Alphabetical antonym list for IBPS Exam Preparation

absence presence
abundant scarce
accept refuse
accurate inaccurate
admit deny
advance retreat, retire
advantage disadvantage
against for
agree disagree
alive dead
all none, nothing
ally enemy
always never
ancient modern
answer question
antonym synonym
apart together
appear disappear, vanish
approached receded, departed
approval disapproval
approve disapprove
arrival departure
arrive depart
artificial natural
ascend descend
asleep awake
attack defense
attention inattention
attic cellar
attractive repulsive
awake asleep
backward forward, onward
bad good
beautiful ugly
before after
begin end
beginning ending
below above
bend straighten
bent straight
best worst
better worse, worst
big little, small
bitter sweet
black white
blame praise
bless curse
blunt sharp
bold meek, timid
borrow lend
bottom top
bound unbound, free
boundless limited
boy girl
brave cowardly
bravery cowardice
bright dull
broad narrow
build destroy
calm windy, troubled
can cannot, can’t
capable incapable
captive free
captivity freedom, liberty
careful rush, careless
cellar attic
cheap dear, expensive
cheerful sad, discouraged, dreary
clear vague, cloudy
clever stupid
clockwise anti-clockwise
close far, distant
closed ajar, open
clumsy graceful
cold hot
combine separate
come go
comfort discomfort
common rare
compulsory voluntary
conceal reveal
contract expand
cool warm
correct incorrect, wrong
courage cowardice
courteous discourteous, rude
create destroy
crooked straight
cruel kind
cunning simple
dainty clumsy
danger safety
dangerous safe
dark light
day night
daytime nighttime
dead alive
decline accept, increase
decrease increase
deep shallow
deep shallow
definite indefinite
definite indefinite
demand supply
despair hope
dim bright
disappear appear
discourage encourage
disease health
diseased healthy
dismal cheerful
doctor patient
down up
downwards upwards
dreary cheerful
dry moist, wet
dull bright, shiny
dusk dawn
early late
East West
easy difficult
ebb flow
economise waste
employer employee
empty full
encourage discourage
end beginning
enter exit
entrance exit
even odd
excited calm
expand contract
expensive inexpensive, cheap
export import
exterior interior
external internal
fade brighten
fail succeed
false TRUE
famous unknown
far Near
fast slow
fat thin
feeble sturdy, strong, powerful
few many
find lose
first last
float sink
fold unfold
foolish wise
for against
fore aft
forelegs hind legs
forget remember
fortunate unfortunate
found lost
frank secretive
free bound, captive
freedom captivity
frequent seldom
fresh stale
friend enemy
full empty
gather distribute
generous mean
gentle rough
get give
giant dwarf, pygmy, tiny, small,
girl boy
give receive, take
glad sorry
gloomy cheerful
go stop
good bad, evil
grant refuse
granted refused
great minute, small, little, tiny, small, unimportant
grow shrink
guardian ward
guest host
guilty innocent
happy sad, miserable
hard soft,easy
harmful harmless
harsh mild
hasten dawdle
hate love
haves have-nots
healthy unhealthy, ill, diseased
heaven hell
heavy light
height depth
help hinder
here there
hero coward
high low
hill valley
hinder aid, help
honest dishonest
horizontal vertical
hot cold
humble proud
hunger thirst
ill well,healthy
imitation genuine
immense tiny, minute
important trivial
imprison free
in outside
include exclude
increase decrease
inferior superior
inhabited uninhabited
inhale exhale
inner outer
inside outside
intelligent unintelligent, stupid
intentional accidental
interesting uninteresting, dull
interior exterior, outside
internal external
join separate
junior senior
just Unjust
justice injustice
king subject
knowledge ignorance
land sea
landlord tenant
large little, small
last first
laugh cry
lawful unlawful
lawyer client
lazy industrious, energetic
leader follower
lecturer student
left right
lend borrow
lender borrower
lengthen shorten
lenient strict
less more
like dislike, unlike
likely unlikely
limited boundless
little large, much, big
lofty lowly
long short
loose tight
lose find
loud soft
love hate
low high
loyal disloyal
mad sane
magnetize demagnetize
major minor
many few
master servant
mature immature
maximum minimum
me you
melt freeze
merry mirthless, sad
messy neat
minor major
minority majority
misunderstand understand
more less
narrow wide
near far, distant
neat untidy
never always
new old
night day
nighttime daytime
no yes
noisy quiet
none some
North South
obedient disobedient
odd even
offer refuse
old new
on off
open shut
opposite same,similar
optimist pessimist
out in
outer inner
over under
parent child
past present
patient impatient
peace war
permanent temporary
please displease
plentiful scarce
plural singular
poetry prose
polite impolite, rude
possible impossible
poverty wealth
powerful feeble, weak
pretty ugly
private public
prudent imprudent
pure impure
push pull
qualified unqualified
question answer
quiet loud,noisy
raise lower
rapid slow
rare common
real fake
regular irregular
regularly irregularly
rich poor
right wrong, left
right-side-up upside-down
rigid pliable, soft
rough smooth
rude courteous
safe unsafe
same opposite
satisfactory unsatisfactory
scatter collect
second new
secure insecure
security insecurity
sense nonsense
separate join,together
serious trivial
shallow deep
shrink grow
sick healthy,ill
simple complicated
singular plural
sink float
slim thick, stout
slow fast
sober drunk
soft hard
solid liquid
some none
sorrow joy
sour sweet
sow reap
speaker listener
start finish
stop go
straight crooked
strict lenient
strong weak
success failure
sunny cloudy
synonym antonym
take give
tame wild
teacher pupil
them us
there here
thick thin
tight slack, loose
tiny big,huge
together apart
top bottom
tough easy,tender
transparent opaque
true false
truth flasehood, lie, untruth
under over
unfold fold
unknown known
unqualified qualified
unsafe safe
up down
upside-down right-side-up
upstairs downstairs
us them
useful useless
vacant occupied
valuable valueless
vanish appear
vast tiny
victory defeat
virtue vice
visible invisible
voluntary compulsory
wax wane
weak strong
wet dry
white black
wide narrow
win lose
wisdom folly
within without
wrong right
yes no
yin yang
young old
zenith Nadir
zip Unzip

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