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General Awareness & Banking Awareness questions for IBPS RRB,Clerk, IBPS PO, Bank Clerk, Bank PO and MT Exams are listed below for the candidates who are preparing for bank exams. Read all the General awareness, General knowledge & Banking awareness Questions and answers

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General awareness is the section related to the day to day knowledge. The topics asked in this section are General knowledge, terms related to marketing, banking, and finance. It also includes the monetary policies, national and international monetary organizations like RBI, UNO, and IMF etc. The persons who were in news, awards and honors, about currencies of various nationalities, and famous people and issues are all expected to be known beforehand for the preparation of IBPS’s general awareness section. It is common for all posts of IBPS exam.

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IBPS specially focuses on banking awareness in CWE. Since the baking sector is closely related to money, market, and policies that affect the banking industry, it becomes crucial to know current affairs and have enough knowledge about the common banking terms. The banking or general awareness section in the Common Written Examination holds forty marks weightage. The questions related to banking awareness are asked in the MAINS exam but a candidate should know the details beforehand. The interview process will be based on the knowledge of this section. So taking it lightly can cost candidates lot of loss in CWE as well as interview.

Reading papers, informatory magazines, and keeping an eye on day to day news can help candidates remember important details of general knowledge. The question format and details of the topics asked in banking awareness are described in following sections.

Banking Awareness

Abbreviations: The abbreviations of common banking terms, currencies, or policies are asked under these types of questions. The abbreviations are related to bank’s functioning, common terms that are related to day to day transactions, the policies which are initiated for mass levels, new schemes for customer benefits, names of organizations, etc. are asked under this topic. Going through the abbreviations will help answering multiple choice questions easily.

Awards and Honors: This section includes questions about recent winnings of popular awards in national and international context. The yearly awards or honors in gallantry, literature, sciences, etc. are asked under this topic. The famous awardees of the year, people who were honored in different fields, prizes won by champions in national, international games. It also includes famous prizes like Wimbledon, Pulitzer, Noble Prizes, etc. read more

General Awareness

Agricultural revolutions of India: The general knowledge about important movements that helped India evolve as a global leader in agriculture or farming, which movements were behind it, the leaders and missions associated with agriculture should be known. The agricultural revolutions form a major part of the monetary dependency of country’s populations hence known by candidates.

Airports of India: The national and international airports of India, the future of aviation industry, the Private Public Partnership policies of Airports, the upcoming projects, all about aviation industry must be known as a part of general awareness in IBPS.

Appointments: The appointments of important people in highly prestige positions are always a talk in discussions. The appointment of directors, executive officers in public and private banks, finance and monetary organizations should also be covered in general awareness.

Awards and fields: The awards associated with literature, cinema, economy, finance, gallantry, etc. and their recent receivers should be known by students preparing for IBPS. Some of the major field for awards and honors are mentioned below.

  • Grammy Awards: International awards given in the field of music for outstanding achievements. It is one of the premier ceremony accolated by National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences and presents international platforms to talented singers, artists, lyricists, producers etc.
  • Jnanpith Awards: The literary award given in India is one of the most prestigious award with a monetary prize by Bhartiya Jnanpith trust. The fellows must know the recent winners of Jnanpith Awards.
  • Nobel Prize winners: Given to the scientists, researchers, and scholars for the breakthroughs in medicine, science, economics, literature, social work, etc. The most recent awardees in the related fields must be known by candidates.
  • Nobel Prize winners from India: The noble prize winners from India should be known by candidates.
  • Oscar awards: Also called Academy award, it is presented in the field of cinema. It is one of the most prestigious awards given to the technical people behind a movie, actors, producers and directors.
  • Padma Awards: Indian awards awarded for highest civilian honor, the different Padma awards namely Padma Bhushan, Padma Vibhushan, Padma Shiri awarded by Government of India. The most recent award winners are asked in general awareness paper.
  • Pulitzer prizes: Awarded in the field of newspaper, literary achievements, musical composition and online journalism.
  • Magsaysay Award winners from India: The Magsaysay awardees from Indian continent should be known.
  • Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Awards: Given in the field of sports, by Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, Government of India.

Books and authors: Knowledge about the books, their authors should be known by candidates. The books that made a significant impact on Indian market and literature, should be known properly. The winners of literary prizes, their books and author’s name must be known to one and all.

Census highlights: The results of 2011 census of India should be known, the populations density, population index, poverty, birth and death rate all from the recent polls should be known. The census results from Government of India displays the facts about population status, caste, working and non-working class majority etc.

Council of Union Ministers: The council of union ministers that play important role in making policies inside the government, the position of ministers in a particular post, the leading faces of ruling political parties, the issues related to them, ministers in news etc. should be known of.

Budgets and taxes: The annual budgets, the implications of budgets, release of funds for different projects, etc. are covered in these topics. Candidates should be well aware of implications of taxes introduced, VAT, Service tax etc.

Dams and rivers: Geographically important dams, rivers, projects, etc. should be known by candidates for general awareness. The famous ones, the ones on which projects are run, highest, longest, dams and rivers should be known.

Firsts in India: The firsts of people in different field like banks, mountaineering, space programs, missiles, awards, organizations etc. should be known by candidates. It in one of the IMPORTANT topics which produces questions related to it.

Important Dates: The important days and significance of them in society. The days which were named after famous people, celebration or remembrance of a day after a person should be known too. The different days dedicated to environment, peace, labor etc. must be on finger tips of candidates.

Indian states and culture: The knowledge about different states of India, their count, capitols and culture should be known to one and all. The folk dance, presence of national parks, reserves etc. in a state must be known. The famous and historical places in a state, etc. should be known to a candidate.

Indian Cities: The cities and their nick names. The famous Indian cities which are christened according to the specialty of the area should be well known. Questions based on assumptions are asked from this section.

Indian Museums: The list of Indian museums, their founders, their purpose etc. should be known by the candidates. The candidates should know the historical value of a museum.

MoU’s signed by India: The Memorandum of Understanding between India and other countries, organizations signed for peace, bilateral relationships, nuclear weaponry, ammunitions, military practices, buying/ usage of aircrafts, nuclear materials etc. should also be studied.

National Emblems: The signs or emblems used for national recognition are asked under this topic. The significance of national color, sport, animal, song etc. is to be mentioned in this topic for general awareness.

Seaports: The major, minor, medium, private and commercially important seaports of India, the issues related to upcoming projects, the enhancements in shipment industry, import-export through seaports etc. should be known of.

Summits: The summits held in the recent times, their motives and results of summits are also asked in general awareness papers. The advancements of policies through the summit is also a major topic of discussion in banking interviews.

Space Explorations: The path breaking discoveries in space programs, working of spaceships, satellites etc. should be known by people. Important missions like MOM (Mars Orbiter Mission), testing of PSLV’s etc. are asked in general awareness section.

Temples of India: The famous temples from the country, their historic values, the annual footfall, the richest of temples, the most famous and crowded temples etc. should be known.

Top producers: Top producers of crops from states are to be mentioned under this section. The leading states which participate in yielding annual crops, manufactured produces, service etc. should be known for the general knowledge.

World Institutions and their founders: The premier institutes, organizations, their founders, the purpose should also be known. The international bodies for finance, banking, marketing, medicine, science, their founders etc. also are asked in the general awareness papers.

These were some areas from where questions of general awareness are asked. Taking up general knowledge quizzes, yearly handbooks, and reading newspaper can help candidates answer banking or general awareness questions. This section is asked in the MAINS, and interviews therefore thorough preparation is recommended.

General Awareness Posts

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