IBPS General Awareness Question Answer for Clerk, PO, Specialist Officer Exam

Which one of the following is the percentage upto which FDI in defence sector is allowed?
(A) 26%
(B) 41%
(C) 31%
(D) 49%
(E) None of these
Ans : (A)

In economics it is generally believed that the main objective of a Public Sector Financial Company like Bank is to:
(A) Employ more and more people
(B) Maximize total profits
(C) Maximize total production
(D) Provide financial service to the people of the nation of its origin across the country
(E) Sell the goods at subsidized cost
Ans : (D)

Which of the following cannot be called as a Debt Instrument as referred in financial transactions?
(A) Certificate of Deposits
(B) Bonds
(C) Stocks
(D) Commercial Papers
(E) Loans
Ans : (C)

The government formed the panel after many ex-servicemen returned their medals to protest the rejection of their ‘one rank one pension’ demand. Who is heading this panel?
(A) K.M. Chandrasekhar
(B) R Balakrishanan
(C) B S Padmanabham
(D) T. Raja Shekhar
(E) R Balu
Ans : (A)

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