SBI Banking Awareness Practice Set

1-Rates of Interest on deposits are determined by——— The Bank itself.

2-Foreign exchange Reserves of India are kept in the custody of ——RBI.

3- The Export-Import Bank of India was set up in —— January 1982.

4-The Banking Regulation Act was implemented on—– March 10, 1949.

5-The RBI Act was implemented on ———————– 6 March 1934.

6-The minimum capital requirement Payment Banks is Rs —-100 cr

7- The minimum capital requirement Small Banks is Rs —–100 cr

8-How much percentage of the net credits of Small Finance Banks should be in priority sector lending —— 75%

9-How much percentage of the net credits of Commercial Banks should be in priority sector lending——–40%

10-KYC guidelines followed by the banks have been framed on the recommendations of the—–RBI.

11-Who is the newly appointed principal economic adviser in the department of economic affairs in the Union Finance Ministry?
👉🏽Sanjeev Sanyal

12-Who has become the first Indian female singer to collaborate with United Nations for women empowerment?
👉🏽Neeti Mohan

13-Who will be the new Managing Director & CEO of National Stock Exchange (NSE)
👉🏽 Vikram Limaye

14-The book “The Sons of the Dragon” has been authored by whom?
👉🏽George RR Martin

15-What is the India’s GDP growth rate in FY 18, as per the latest report by the HSBC?

16-Which country has successfully tested a new version of a Dongfeng-5C ballistic missile?

17-As per Union Budget 2017-18, the Payments Regulatory Board (PRB) will be set up under the Reserve Bank of India (RBI). Who will be chairman of the proposed board?
👉🏽 Governor of RBI

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बाबर के द्वारा भारत में प्रमुख घटनाक्रम
GK Trick : — ” 26 में पानी पिया 27 में
खाना खाया 28 में चल दिया 29 में
घर गया 30 में मर गया।”

1526 – पानीपत का पहला युद्ध — इब्राहिम लोदी
1527 – खानवा का युद्ध — राणा सांगा
1528 – चन्देरी का युद्ध — मेदिनी राय
1529 – घाग्गरा का युद्ध — महमूद लोदी
1530 – बाबर की मृत्यु

महमूद गजनवी के समय के विद्वान
Trick: – FUFA

F – फारूखी
U – उत्बी
F – फिरदौसी
A – अलबरूनी।

समुद्रगुप्त को दी गई उपाधिया
GK Trick : – ” नेपोलियन का अश्व
विक्रम कवि को दो “

भारत का नेपोलियन


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