Important Banking abbreviations

Here is some important abbreviations related to banking and finance section, these are important for IBPS exams.

ASBA – Account Supported by Blocked Amount

ADR – American Depository Receipts

BIFR – Board for Industrial and Financial Reconstruction

BCSBI – Banking Codes & Standard Board of India

BIS – Bank for International Settlement

BCBS – Basel Committee on Banking Supervision

BOP – Balance of Payment

BOT – Balance of Trade

BPLR – Benchmark Prime Lending Rate

CAMELS – Capital Adequacy, Asset Quality, Management Earnings, Liquidity, Systems & Controls

CCIL – Clearing Corporation of India Ltd.

CIBIL – Credit Information Bureau of India Ltd.

CRISIL – Credit Rating Information Services of India Ltd.

CBLO – Collateralised Borrowing & Lending Obligation

CPI – Consumer Price Index

CRM – Customer Relationship Management

CTT – Commodities Transaction Tax

CRR – Cash Reserve Ratio

NABARD – National Bank for Agricultural & Rural Development

RTGS – Real Time Gross Settlement

NEFT – National Electronic Fund Transfer

NAV – Net Asset Value

NPA – Non Performing Asset

GDR – Global Depository Receipts

ALM – Asset Liability Management

ARC – Asset Reconstruction Companies

FINO – Financial Inclusion Network Operation

KYC – Know Your Customer

SLR – Statutory Liquidity Ratio

MSF – Marginal Standing Facility

REPO – Repurchase Option

NBFC – Non Banking Finance Companes

OSMOS – Off-Site Monitoring & Surveillance

IFSC – Indian Financial System Code

BSE – Bombay Stock Exchange

NSE – National Stock Exchange

SWIFT – Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Tele communication

FSLRC – Financial Sector Legislative Reforms Commission

LAF – Liquidity Adjustment Facility

DRT – Debt Recovery Tribunals

MSME – Micro Small and Medium Enterprises

MSE – Micro and Small Enterprises

ECGC- Export Credit Guarantee Corporation

FRBM – Fiscal Responsibility and Budget Management

GDP-Gross Domestic Product

PAN -Permanent account number

T-bills- Treasury Bills


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