Banking Awareness Important Questions and Answers

Banking Awareness Important Questions and Answers

IBPS specially focuses on banking awareness in CWE. Since the baking sector is closely related to money, market, and policies that affect the banking industry, it becomes crucial to know current affairs and have enough knowledge about the common banking terms. The banking or general awareness section in the Common Written Examination holds forty marks weight-age. The questions related to banking awareness are asked in the MAINS exam but a candidate should know the details beforehand. The interview process will be based on the knowledge of this section. So taking it lightly can cost candidates lot of loss in CWE as well as interview.

This category will give you the opportunity to solve the questions on Banking Awareness which are generally asked in the banking exams.

So get ready for Banking Awareness Important Questions and Answers.

All the best for the Exams. Work Smart and crack the exam.

Points To Remember For Banking Awareness


1-Rates of Interest on deposits are determined by——— The Bank itself. 2-Foreign exchange Reserves of India are kept in the custody of ——RBI. 3- The Export-Import Bank of India was set up in —— January 1982. 4-The Banking Regulation Act was implemented on—– March 10, 1949. 5-The RBI Act was implemented on ———————–6 March 1934. […]

Daily Current Affairs 11th August 2016


READ IN HINDI (हिन्दी में पढ़ें) 1. China launched a new high-resolution Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) imaging satellite. The satellite will send accurate and clear pictures of earth. The satellite is capable of taking pictures of detailed scenarios of specific areas. 2. Dinesh Kumar Khara was appointed Managing Director of State Bank of India (SBI). […]

Daily Current Affairs Quiz: 24th June 2016

Daily Current Affairs Quiz

Daily Current Affairs Quiz: 24th June 2016 READ CURRENT AFFAIRS 24 June 2016     The Union Government has recently opened the window for declaration of black money. This window will remain open till- 31st December 2016 30th June 2016 30th September 2016 31st March 2017 None of the above India has signed an agreement […]

Questions and Answers for General Awareness

Questions and Answers for General Awareness (Answers are in Bold) 1) United Nations Industrial Development Organisation’ promotes industrial development is the specialized agency of the United Nations whose headquartered in– (a) Spain (b) New York (c) Vienna (d) Paris (e) Gland   2)    As per latest Economic Census released by National Statistical Association in which […]

What is Immediate Payment Service (IMPS)

What is Immediate Payment Service (IMPS)Ans.  Immediate Payment Service (IMPS) is an instant, inter bank (like to NEFT) electronic fund transfer service that can be initiated only through mobile phones and service introduced by National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI). If anyone want to send money using IMPS, he/she should have the mobile number and MMID(Mobile […]

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