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>> Expand HNI ?
Ans. High Network Individuals. These are the customers who are profitable to the bank

>> Expand CBS?
Ans. Core Banking Solutions. Core banking is done by this

>> Expand LAS?
Ans. Loan Against Security. It is the way by which banks are giving loans cosidering the shares with the customer

>> Expand LAP?
Ans. Loan Against Property

>> What is also known as plastic money?
Ans. ATM Debit Card

>> What is the maximum which can be deposited into the your bank account through ATM?
Ans. Rs.40000 or 40 notes

>> Expand CTS?
Ans. Cheque Trangation System

>> A money deposited at a bank that cannot be withdrawn for a present fixed period of times is known as ________?
Ans. Term Deposits

>> The term ‘Smart Money’ refers to what?
Ans. Credit Cards

>> Bank advances of a bank are called ________?
Ans. Non Performing Asset

>> Axis is a ________ type of bank?
Ans. Private Sector Bank

>> RBI has decided to allow common ATM’s that will be owned and managed by non banking institutions. Such ATM’s are known as ______?
Ans. White label ATM’s

>> Expand NEFT?
Ans. National Electronic Fund Transfer system

>> What is ‘Cross selling’ by banks?
Ans. Sale of insurance policy to a depositor

>> Who is the largest shareholder of a nationalised bank?
Ans. Govt. of India

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>> Which is the a form of “Small savings Banks” popular among the poor or the children?
Ans. Piggy banking

>> What is Repo rate?
Ans. It is the rate at which RBI sell Govt. securities to banks

>> The maximum amount of the total revenue earned by the govt of India comes from?
Ans. Excise duty

>> Expand SLR?
Ans. Statutory Liquidity Ratio

>> Currency Swap is an instrument to manage______?
Ans. Cash flows in different currencies

>> Inflation in India is measured on which of the following indexes?
Ans. Wholesale price index

>> The stock market index of London stock exchange is known as ________?
Ans. Footsie (FTSE)

>> Expand GDR?
Ans. Global Depository Receipts

>> Which organisation is known as the market regulator in India?

>> Expand SEZ?
Ans. Special Economic Zone

>> _______ is called as the percentage of deposit banks keep in reserve with them?
Ans. Cash Reserve Ratio (CRR)

>> When an agent asks a customer to invest in Mutual Fund products without telling about the risks involved in the investment, it is known as ______?
Ans. Mis-Selling

>> Expand SLR?
Ans. Statutory Liquid Ratio

>> What is meant by Bank Rate?
Ans. Rate at which RBI purchases or re-discounts bills of exchange of commercial banks

>> What is an Indian Depository Receipt ?
Ans. An instrument in the form of depository receipt created by an Indian depository against underlying equity shares of the issuing company

>> An instrument that derives its value from a specified underlying (currency, gold, stocks etc.) is known as what?
Ans. Derivative

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>> What is Fiscal deficit?
Ans. Total expenditure less total receipts excluding borrowing

>> In the Capital Market, the term arbitrage is used with reference to what?
Ans. simultaneous purchase and sale of securities to make profits from price

>> What is meant by Reverse repo?
Ans. Absorption of liquidity from the market by sale of Govt. securities

>> Currency Swap is an instrument to manage ________?
Ans. cash flows in different currencies

>> What is ‘Sub-prime’?
Ans. lending done by financing institutions including banks to customers not meeting with normally required credit appraisal standards

>> Which is the first Indian company to be listed in NASDAQ ?
Ans. Infosys

>> What is the logo of Bank of Baroda known as?
Ans. Baroda Sun

>> Expand ‘M’ in ‘M-Banking’ ?
Ans. Mobile Banking

>> Using which indexes/indicators is Inflation in India measured?
Ans. Wholesale Price Index and Consumer Price Index

>> Expand PSUs?
Ans. Public Sector undertakings

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