Profit & Loss Practise Set for Banking Exams

Profit & Loss Practise Set for Banking Exams:

1.) A lost 25% by selling an article for rs.6900. What % will he gain by selling it for rs.10200?

a) 8.25

b) 6.67

c) 10.86

d) 12.12

Solution & Explanation

Answer: C

2.) A man buys 150 kilo rice for at rs.30 per kg& mixes it with 200 kilo rice @ 35 per kg. At what rate per kg he sell the mixture to gain 10% whole? (Approx)

a) 8

b) 10

c) 11

d) 6.56

Solution & Explanation

Answer: C

3.) A man sold an article for rs.5000 each on one his gain 20% & on the other he loss 20%. Find his gain or loss % of whole transaction?

a) Gain 4%

b) loss 10%

c) gain 10%

d) loss 4%

Solution & Explanation

Answer: D

4.) A purchased an article for rs.18000, sold 1/6th part of the article at 30% loss. On which gain he should sell his rest of the medicine, so that he has neither gain nor loss?

a) 6%

b) 15%

c) 7%

d) 3%

Solution & Explanation

Answer: A

5.) A person sold an article for 5/6%. If he had sold it for rs.3350 more, he would have gain 12%. Find the cp of the table?

a) 25000

b) 32000

c) 30000

d) 60000

Solution & Explanation

Answer: A

6.) If the cost price of 15 articles is equals to the sp of 10 articles, then find the profit %?

a) 25 %

b) 50%

c) 55%

d) 60%

Solution & Explanation

Answer: B

7.) A sold an article to B at a profit of 15%. B sold that article to C at a loss of 10%. If A paid rs.20000 for this articles than find the cp of the article for C?

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a) 25670

b) 32870

c) 20700

d) 20000

Solution & Explanation

Answer: C

8.) A dealer sells his goods at 30% loss on cp but uses 40% less weight. What is his % profit or loss?

a) 12.60

b) 11.89

c) 13.67

d) 16.67

Solution & Explanation

Answer: D

9.) If 1/5th part of an article is sold at 15% profit, 1/3th part at 9 profits and remaining part at 6% profit and finally, there is a profit of rs.80. Than find the cp of the article.

a) 640.05

b) 641.71

c) 671

d) 667.67

Solution & Explanation

Answer: A

10.) A purchase 13 caps @ rs.250 per cap. At what rate per cap should be he sell the caps, so that profit earned is 5%?

a) 260.05

b) 262.5

c) 625

d) 250

Solution & Explanation

Answer: B

11.) The profit earned after selling a article for rs.2560 is the same as the loss incurred after selling the same article for rs.540. What is the cp of the article?

a) 1500

b) 1450

c) 1300

d) 1550

Solution & Explanation

Answer: B

12.) A sold an item for rs.4860 an incurred a loss of 10%. At what price should he have sold the item to have gained a profit of 20%?

a) 6480

b) 6500

c) 5400

d) 6000

Solution & Explanation

Answer: D

13.) A man sold an article at a loss of 305. If he sells the article for rs.15 more, he would have gained 5%.The cp of article?

a) 40.45

b) 48.85

c) 45.20

d) 40

Solution & Explanation

Answer: A

14.) Chocolates are bought at 6 for rs.3 and sold at 5 for rs.4. Find the gain %?

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a) 2/5%

b) 3/7%

c) 4/9%

d) 3/5%

Solution & Explanation

Answer: B

15.) If an article is sold at gain of 12% instead of a loss of 12%, then the seller gets rs.12 more. Then cp of the article is?

a) 45

b) 58

c) 50

d) 62

Solution & Explanation

Answer: D

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