How to Prepare for IBPS PO Prelims 2017


IBPS PO Preliminary exam will be conducted in October 2017. With the help of this post, we will help you prepare for this exam efficiently.

The first and foremost step for preparation of Prelims exam of IBPS PO is, going through the exam pattern(Learn IBPS PO Complete Exam Pattern and Details). It will help you ascertain the level of the questions asked and will give you a rough idea in total about the exam. Time management is a very crucial deciding factor of your success. You should be able to manage time in the right way both during your preparation and appearing for the actual exam. You should strategise well, plan it and work accordingly. IBPS PO Complete Exam Pattern and Details

IBPS Prelims exam consists of an objective paper which includes 100 questions from the three sections – Reasoning ability, English Language and Quantitative aptitude. Each of these sections has its own importance and you need to clear a cut off in each section and an overall cut off to be able to qualify for the Mains exam. So, our first advise to you before you start with preparations will be “Don’t neglect any section!”. IBPS PO Complete Syllabus & Cut off Details

Let us now go through the preparation tips for individual sections.

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English Language:

English Language section consists of generally 30 questions with a maximum mark of 30. This section will test your basic English skills and comprehension skills.  You will be tested on several topics like grammar, vocabulary, prepositions, idioms/phrases etc.

The types of questions asked in the exam are given below – 

  1. Spotting Error
  2. Fill in the blank
  3. Idioms/Phrases
  4. Sentence Correction
  5. Reading Comprehension
  6. Cloze test
  7. Para jumbles
  8. Vocabulary, Synonyms – Antonyms
  9. Basic Grammar skills

For acing this section, you need to have a good command over English. To attempt this section thorough understanding and careful reading of the questions is vital. Once you understand what the question demands, you can easily answer the questions. Once you get the essence of the question, half of your work is done. This can only be achieved through sufficient practice and a wide exposure to a variety of questions.

Reading comprehension and Para jumbles are the type of questions which you need sufficient practice.  The RCs are usually factual based, and you need to understand the gist of the passage.  You can figure out the type of RC from the first paragraph itself.

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Spotting error and sentence correction questions require a sound knowledge of grammar. Brush up the concepts of subject-verb agreement, use of modals and auxiliaries, conjunctions, articles and prepositions. Follow a standard grammar book for rules and revise them periodically but do not overdose yourself with grammar rules. Be very thorough with the basic grammar rules.

Cloze test, Idioms and phrases, spotting the error, fill in the blanks are the scoring topics in this section.  Devote time to this section and prepare these sections thoroughly. For idioms/ phrases, vocabulary, synonyms and antonyms refer a standard book and mug them up. Work on your vocabulary enhancement.

During the preparation time, daily read Hindu and Economic Times (helps in increasing reading speed during RCs). Read as much as you can. It will not help you increase your reading speed but also increase your level of comprehension. It will also greatly increase your vocabulary. Proficient reading habit and a decent vocabulary is what will get you through this section.

Give time to each topic one by one. Do not rush through the topics all at a once. Don’t over exert yourself with one topic. It will not only bore you but decrease your retention capability.

Practice as much as you can from different mocks, previous papers, reference books, practice papers. Only Practice and practice will let you smoothly sail the section.


Reasoning Ability:

This section consists of 35 questions with a maximum mark of 35.  Average difficulty level of this section is expected to be Moderate level.  It basically tests your accuracy, calculation and speed through different problems. It consists of the following topics-

  • Syllogism
  • Seating Arrangement
  • Linear Arrangement
  • Circular Arrangement
  • Logical Reasoning
  • Input-output
  • Blood Relation
  • Coding Decoding
  • Miscellaneous Questions
  • Direction and distance
  • Ordering and ranking

Check all the Reasoning Study Materials here

Clarity of concepts is the first and foremost requirement in this section. Try to learn each topic one by one. Don’t rush through all the topics at once. Learn the basics and tricks in each of the topics. Learn the basics by studying from reference books. This will help you grasp the concepts and will help you grasp the concepts and will help you in solving the questions. Improve accuracy and speed. Try to practice as much as possible. This will only help you increase your speed and accuracy.

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Enhance your reasoning ability and mental strength to master this section. You must concentrate on your speed as well as accuracy. Lay special attention to this area and constantly keep working on it to improve.


Quantitative Aptitude:

This section consists of 35 Questions. Average difficulty level of this section is expected to be tough.

Questions in this section are asked from the following topics:

  • Number Series
  • Data Interpretation
  • Miscellaneous Questions
  • Simplification / Approximation
  • Quadratic Equations

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Data interpretation consists of Ratio and average base questions and Miscellaneous section consists of topics such as – Profit loss, average, SI & CI, Ration and proportion, Time & Work, Time & Speed, Distance boats and stream etc.

As this section is difficult in nature, try to devote more time to this section. Daily 3 hours of preparation for this section is needed. Understand the basics and concepts thoroughly. Refer a standard book for covering the basics. It will help you to grasp the concepts in order to solve the questions daily. Memorise the important formulae. Read each topic and switch topics in between to keep you interest in the topics. Once you are clear with basics, move onto books which can provide you with the much-needed shortcuts.

Never jump directly to the questions without getting your basics right. This is the greatest blunder you can afford. After you complete a topic and get thorough with your basics, move to solving the questions.  Make note of all the important formulae, it will come handy during your revisions.

Pay special focus on Data interpretation and miscellaneous questions as more questions are from this section. Learn tables, squares and cubes till 30. Learn to conversion of fractions to percentage from ½ to 1/20. It will help you in calculations and let you save time in exam conditions. Calculation is very crucial in this section. Try to be fast at calculations.  As this is a calculation intensive and speed based exam, you need to be really fast with your calculations. Doing faster calculations will help you devote your time to those questions which are comparatively difficult. But remember, you should solve with accuracy. Speed devoid of accuracy will take you nowhere. So, you need to be very careful about it.


In the initial days of your preparation, you may not get the desired speed and accuracy. But don’t get disheartened. This speed and accuracy can only be gained through more and more practice. Once you give sufficient time to your preparation, you can see improvements in you.

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All the best for your Exams.

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