Some Common HTTP error

Some Common HTTP Error

Here is some HTTP Error and its meaning, these are common errors messages.

Error 404 – A 404 error comes when you try to access a resource/webpages that does not exist, this can be because

  • The link is broken
  • The Website/URL is mistyped
  • The item/Webpage has been moved/deleted

Error 400 – Bad Request
This error comes  when your web browser accessed it incorrectly or that the request was corrupted.

Error 401 – Unauthorized Request
This error comes  when try to access a restricted web page without the authorization.

Error 403 – Forbidden

A forbidden comes while trying to access a (forbidden) directory on a website.

Error 500 – Internal Server Error

This error comes when a web server encounters an internal error such as the web server could be overloaded and unable to handle requests properly

Error 501 – Not Implemented
Error 502 – Bad Gateway
Error 503 – Service Unavailable

Error 504 – Gateway Time-Out

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