Important File Extensions

Important File Extensions

We are here with some more data to impart it to you, this is important topic for the candidates which can appear in computer awareness section or there are also chances to have these questions in general knowledge section of IBPS Exams, this question can be asked in IBPS cleark Exam, IBPS PO exam and IBPS Spericalist Officer Exams. The topic is File Name Extensions. In the IBPS Exam we are getting repeated questions on this topic from many year papers. file extensions are suffix with file name, these can be 3 character or can be 4 character.

Zipped File

7z — 7-Zip compressed file

gzip (.gz) — Compressed file

.tar.gz, .tgz — gzipped tar file

jar — ZIP file with manifest for use with Java applications

RAR Rar Archive (.rar) — for multiple file archive (rar to .r01-.r99 to s01 and so on)

zip — popular compression format

Desktop publishing

.indd - Adobe InDesign

.psdAdobe Photoshop

.pdf Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader

.qxd QuarkXPress

Document /Spreadsheet Files

.xl – Excel Spreadsheet

.xlr – Works Spreadsheet

.xlsx – Microsoft Excel Open XML Spreadsheet

.log – Log File

.odt – OpenDocument Text Document

.pages – Pages Document

.doc – Microsoft Word Document

.docx – Microsoft Word Open XML Document

.tex – LaTeX Source Document

.wps – Microsoft Works Word Processor Document

.msg – Outlook Mail Message

.rtf – Rich Text Format File

.txt –   Plain Text FileÂ

.vcf –   vCard File

.dat –   Data File

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.pptx –   PowerPoint Open XML Presentation

.sdf –   Standard Data File

.csv  –   Comma Seperated Values File

.xml –   XML File

.pps –   PowerPoint Slide Show

.ppt  –   PowerPoint Presentation

Audio Files

.aif   –   Audio Interchange File Format

.mpa  –   MPEG-2 Audio File

.ra  –   Real Audio File

.iff  –   Interchange File Format

.wav  –   WAVE Audio File

.wma  –   Windows Media Audio File

.mp3  –   MP3 Audio File

Video Files

.avi  –  Audio Video Interleave File

.3gp  –  3GPP Multimedia File

.flv  –  Flash Video File

.mpg  –  MPEG Video File

.vob  –  DVD Video Object File

.mp4  –  MPEG-4 Video File

.3g2  –  3GPP2 Multimedia File

.m4v  –  iTunes Video File

.wmv  –  Windows Media Video File

.swf  –  ShockWave Flash

Image Files

.gif   –  Graphical Interchange Format File

.jpg  –  JPEG Image

.bmp  –  Bitmap Image File

.psd   –  Adobe Photoshop Document

.png  –  Portable Network Graphic

.jpg  –  JPEG Image (Full form is Joint Photographic Experts Group)

Database Files

.mdf – Microsoft SQL Server Database

.sql – bundled SQL queries

.pdb  –  Program Database

.dbf  –  Database File

.accdb  –  Access 2007 Database File

.db   –  Database File

.sql  –  Structured Query Language Data File

.mdb  –  Microsoft Access Database

Executable Files

.exe  – Windows Executable File

.bat  – DOS Batch File

Programe/Code Files

.cgi  – Common Gateway Interface Script

.vb  – VBScript File

.cs  – C Sharp file

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.jar  – Java Archive File

.bat  – DOS Batch File

.aspx  – Extension

.asp  – Active Server Page

.php  – PHP Source Code File

.cpp   – C++ Source Code File

.c    – C/C++ Source Code File

Web Files

.cer  – Internet Security Certificate

.css  – Cascading Style Sheet

.html   – Hypertext Markup Language File

.js  – JavaScript File

.jsp  – Java Server Page

.htm  – Hypertext Markup Language File

.xhtml  – Extensible Hypertext Markup Language File

.rss   – Really Simple Syndication

Other Files

.tmp   – Temporary File

.bak   – Backup File

.cab – cabinet file


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