Computer Aptitude Practice Set – 2017

Computer Aptitude Practice Set – 2017

Primary memory stores?

a) Data alone
b) Only programs
c) Processed data
d) All of the above

Answer :  D

Memory unit is one part of

a) Central Processing Unit
b) Control Unit
c) External devices
d) None of the above

Answer :  A

EPROM can be used for?

a) Erasing the contents of ROM
b) Rew7riting the contents of ROM
c) Erasing and rewriting the contents of ROM
d) None of the above

Answer :  C

Memory is made up of?

a) Wires
b) Circuits
c) Several thousands of cells
d) None of the above

Answer :  C

When you use mobile phone to purchase the product and transfer the money , the transaction is called

a) M-Commerce/mobile banking
b) E-Commerce
c) Web transaction
d) None of the above

Answer :  A

JPG is the extension for_

a) Microsoft Outlook Files
b) Image Files
c) Bitmap Graphic Files
d)None of the above Files

Answer :  b

What is the extension for Microsoft Word Document

a) DOC

Answer :  A

What is primary object of an operating system?

a) To activate the system
b) To make the most efficient use of the computer hardware and other periphery‑ devices
c) To save the power
d) To help the Programming languages

Answer :  B

What is the main object of multiprogramming systems?

a) To process all the jobs with high speed
b) To use less memory space
c) Execute more jobs in the same time period
d) None of the above

Answer :  B

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What is the extension for Microsoft Excel Workspace

a) XLS

Answer :  A

ROM is composed of

  1. Magnetic cores
  2. Micro-processors
  3. Photoelectric cells
  4. Floppy disks
  5. None of these

Answer :  2

A device that can convert digital signal to analog signal is

  1. A packet
  2. Modem
  3. Switch
  4. Router
  5. None of these

Answer :  3

Internet-like networks within an enterprise known as

  1. Intranet
  2. Internet
  3. Extranet
  4. Network
  5. None of these

Answer :  1

File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is

  1. Used to send email
  2. Used to browse the Web
  3. is part of Netscape
  4. is a protocol for the transfer of files between computers
  5. None of these

Answer :  4

Which of the following types of channels moves data relatively slowly?

  1. Narrowband channel
  2. broadband channel
  3. wideband channel
  4. None of these

Answer :  1

What does DOS stand for?

  1. Disk Operation Sequence
  2. Disk Operating System
  3. Don’t Operate System

Answer :  2

Device which allows your computer to connect to another computer via a phone line

  1. Server
  2. Modem
  3. Jeck

Answer :  2

‘Booting’ the computer refers to:

  1. Powering On the Computer
  2. Powering Down the Computer
  3. Closing Windows

Answer :  1

The list of coded instructions is called

  1. Computer program
  2. Algorithm
  3. Flowchart
  4. Utility programs
  5. None of the above

Answer :  1

ASCII stands for

  1. American standard code for information interchange
  2. All purpose scientific code for information interchange
  3. American security code for information interchange
  4. American Scientific code for information interchange
  5. None of the above

Answer :  1

A language which is close to that used within the computer is

  1. High-level language
  2. Assembly language
  3. Low-level language
  4. All of the above

Answer :  3

RAM is used as a short memory because it is

  1. Has small capacity
  2. Is very expensive
  3. Volatile
  4. None of the above
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Answer :  3

In UNIX, which command is used to sort the lines of data in a file in reverse order

  1. sort
  2. sh
  3. st
  4. sort – r

Answer: 4

A single dimensional array is called

  1. List
  2. File
  3. Martix
  4. None of these

Answer: 1

C, BASIC, COBOL, and Java are examples of ……… languages.

  1. Computer
  2. System  Programming Language
  3. Low Level Programming  Language
  4. High Level Programming Language

Answer: 4



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