Study Plan for IBPS Exam

The announcement of IBPS exam calendar has initiated a buzz among students; they have to prepare accordingly to pass it with flying colors. As of the recent changes in exam pattern of IBPS which will be taking place in two tier exams format, it is obvious to note such buzz.

With the exams around the corner, students must take the preparations more seriously. The study plan to cover all the topics might be handy for everyone taking the tests. Here’s a simple study and that will help you focus on the IBPS exam preparations.

Study Plan for English:

  • Read the english newspapeprs religiously: The newspapers and articles in it not only provides insights of the world but regular reading gives you idea of banking industry as well as use of english in proper formats. It improves usage of words at proper places, sentence formations and reading as well as comprhencing abilities.
  • Follow magazines that are written in english: The regular subscription of english magazines presents general language and awareness.
  • Learn basic grammatical rules: You can take help of basic books from school or college. They give rules and exercises at the end which can hone your skills.
  • Read different topics that will help you in reading and answering comprehensive questions: It can be an essay, a discussion on current politics or a story. The comprehencive section of english is a good way to score full marks just by reading and understanding the paragraph given in the question paper.

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Study Plan for Quantitative Aptitude

This section decides the fate of students, if aspirants take enough care of this section, IBPS can be cleared easily.

  • This section involves some coomon topics like solving numerical questions. Questions on BODMAS rules, on arithmetic and geometric progressions, simplification and data interpretation are asked in this section. They follow some fixed logics which has to be mastered by regular practice.
  • Give regular mock tests to boost your speed and morale: This part helps in assessing the average time taken by set of problems encountered. It will help you notice how much time of yours, each section and questions takes. The mock test help greatly to focus the mind according to the exam timing and schedule.
  • A good idea of mathematics concepts is the way to ace this section: Practicing the simple mathematics trick helps in solving arithmetic questions easily. The more the concept is calrified, the faster it takes to understand and solve a question. Learning simple tricks for arithmetic questions will help you find solutions faster and accurately.
  • Practicing the commonly asked topics is a good practice for quantitaive aptitude: Most of the questions in this section follow a regular pattern. Going through old question papers can relive your nerves a bit. The numericals asked in IBPS exams are getting tougher day by day but the previous year papers can reveal the patterns and question formats too.
  • Some other topics to focus on are Probability, Permutation and Combinations and Time and Work: These topics are dreaded by so many studnets and they tend to leave it. These topics are not too tough if you know the concepts well. Mostly there are minor varaitions in these sections which you can easily solve.

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Study Plan for Reasoning

This section will be asked in the main exams, main as well as preliminary section. It can be prepared well and can be used to score high.

  • Improvising analytical abilities: The best of questions come from directions, sitting arrangements and blood realtions. Relating questions with real life can help in simplifying the problems.
  • Another common set of questions asked are about number series, and inequality. Practicing these questions at least once, will make help you in exams. The number series are the simplest of reasoning questions that are asked in exams.
  • The cutoff of this section generally remains low but the key to the problems is having the right strategy. Once a person grasps the concept of question type, it could be easily comprehended.

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 Study Plan for General Awareness

This section will be asked in the mains exam, so having basic ideas about the general knowledge, it also includes questions related to banking and finance industry.

  • Read the monetary policies of RBI banks: The governing body of banks, RBI directs different norms and regulations, hence the policies should be read for having awareness about the banking industry.
  • The current updates and affairs also constitute a major part of this section. Going through GK question banks, yearly publications of general knowledge books gives a good idea about changes in policies.
  • Other areas for preparation include the different commisons that are famous, credit ratings, and taxation policies.

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Study Plan for Computer Proficiency

The mains exam will also have this section to test the computer knowlwedge of candidates, which includes MS office skills, questions related to security, threats, computer network, hardware and database management.   A twenty marks MCQ type question will be asked from this section in the finals.

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