1. Focus on Newspaper and please make a habit of making notes out of it . Don’t be lazy in this.

2. Try to Practice as many questions as you can for Prelims . Also take last 20 years questions too in this regard .

3. Also when you are studying any topic , then try to see the last 20 years questions so that you can be aware of the pattern and type of question revolving around that topic.

4. Make sure that for Mains , you are into a habit of writing as many answers as you can . No matter what the quality is , but with time everything improves.

5. In your optional paper also make a habit of writing more and more answers.

6. Try to write a positive note answer which must include the following :::: Nation , Society , Preamble and other related dimensions.

7. Don’t waste your time in thinking negatively about the exam and career. You are the best , you have that potential so just give best out of it and always be motivated.

8. Let not pressure mould you negatively , if you feel pressurised then take it in a positive way.

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