3 Mistakes, Most IBPS Aspirant Makes While Taking Exam – IBPS PO, IBPS SO, IBPS RRB, IBPS Clerk – There are several students who appear in the common written exam(CWE) to pursue their dream career. Only few of them are selected in the IBPS exam. Now, with the new tiered exam pattern students are finding it even more challenging to crack the exam.

Although a well planned preparation can help you to get selected in IBPS Prelims/mains exams. There is a list of disasters that an aspirant can do to ruin his/her test attempt. An aspirant who studied harder for months can not afford these mistakes to lessen his chances to get selected in IBPS bank exam.

Here are these mistakes and suggestions to avoid these mistakes for upcoming IBPS recruitment exams:

1. Time management:

Time management is the key to success in any competitive exam.
This is a prime reason behind many failures in Bank PO/Clerk/SO exam. Candidates do not attempt the paper according to the time limits and waste a lot of valuable time in solving a particular section (for most of the candidates it is horrifying “Quantitative Aptitude” section). This makes them leave the exam hall without attempting the minimum no. of questions required to secure a good cut off in their respective category.
It might be the worst nightmare for any aspirant to leave the exam hall, leaving one or two sections not attempted at all.
Experts and Faculties consider Time management as biggest IBPS exam mistake that any aspirant should avoid. 


The equivalent distribution of time is your key to success. Make sure when you start preparing for IBPS exam, you should make an advanced time distribution to each section. You should try to solve questions in given time bound and enhance your speed for that.


Solve a lot of online mock tests, this will make you more confident in the actual exam. You will be aware of your performance too.

2. Lack of practice:

There are many aspirants who do not practice well before the exam. They consider themselves very intelligent that they will crack the exam very easily ( may be due to their good past experience in board exams). But Guys, competitive exams are way too tougher than any past exam that you appeared.
There are crores of aspirants countrywide who are also appearing in the same exam, who belong to different states, some of them are more intelligent than you some are less.
Some of them are practising harder than you and may be he/she can knock you out of the competition.


It is said that Practice makes a man wise.
So pull your socks up and prepare like a nerd for the IBPS exam. The reward always outweighs the effort. Need not to mention your hard work will reward you with a good job in nationalized bank.


There are two terms
1. Hard work
2. Smart work
All you need to do is smart work. Prepare for exam with short tricks rather than lengthy problem solving methods.

3. Neglecting Negative marking by reckless guesswork

IBPS exams have negative marking scheme which simply means for every wrong answer 25% marks allotted to that question get deducted from your aggregate score.
Don’t answer any question just guessing it because it may be wrong. There will be a penalty.
Poll results ran by us shows:

  • 65% candidates chose to leave questions unsolved for which they are unsure
  • 25% decided to solve these if they got time at last
  • 5% wants to attempt all questions


Calculative risk is recommended in this scenario, keeping sectional cut off in mind you can attempt at some questions if you have some knowledge of that subject. 

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