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Most Expected Important Banking Questions .

Most Expected Important Banking Questions .

1. What is Cheque?
Ans. Cheque is a negotiable instrument containing conditional order to pay sum of money to the person mentioned on it or to the bearer of the instrument.

2. What is crossing?
Ans. Two parallel lines drawn on the top left corner of the cheque.

3. What is account payee cheque?
Ans. Account payee cheques can be routed only through accounts.

4. What is a post dated cheque?
Ans. The date on the cheque beyond today’s date then cheque becomes post dated.

5. What is stale cheque?
. Cheque is valid for three months. If the date on the cheque is before six months, then the cheque becomes stale cheque.

6. What is a mutilated cheque?
Ans. It is a damaged cheque.

7. What is At Par cheque?
Ans. It is payable anywhere in India.

8. What is Multi city cheque?
Ans. A cheque which is payable in any branch of a particular bank.

9. What is Repo rate?
Ans. The rate at which RBI lends money to other banks.

10. What is Reverse Repo rate?
Ans. The rate at which RBI pays interest to the banks.

11. . Which bank is called as Central bank?
Ans. RBI is also called as Central bank.

12. What is Internet banking?
Ans. Banking through internet.

13. What is Inflation?
Ans. It is a state where money looses the value hence prices will go up (or) Decreasing the value of money.

14. What is Deflation?
Ans. It is opposite to inflation. Money will have more value. Here the products looses the value.

15. What is Debit cum ATM card?
Ans. The customer can deposit and withdraw cash by means of magnetic ATM card.

16. What is ATM?
Ans. Automatic Teller Machine.

17. What is PLR and BPLR?
Ans. PLR - Prime Lending Rate.
BPLR - Basic Prime Lending Rate


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