Banking Awareness Quizzes

Banking Awareness Quizzes:
IBPS specially focuses on banking awareness in CWE. Since the baking sector is closely related to money, market, and policies that affect the banking industry, it becomes crucial to know current affairs and have enough knowledge about the common banking terms. The banking or general awareness section in the Common Written Examination holds forty marks weightage. The questions related to banking awareness are asked in the MAINS exam but a candidate should know the details beforehand.

Reading papers, information magazines, and keeping an eye on day to day news can help candidates remember important details of general knowledge.

IBPS extraordinarily concentrates on managing an account mindfulness in CWE. Since the heating division is firmly identified with cash, business, and strategies that influence the managing an account industry, it gets to be essential to know current undertakings and have enough information about the regular saving money terms. The managing an account or general mindfulness area in the Common Written Examination holds forty imprints weightage. The inquiries identified with keeping money mindfulness are asked in the MAINS exam yet a hopeful ought to know the subtle elements heretofore.


SBI Banking Awareness Practice Set


1-Rates of Interest on deposits are determined by——— The Bank itself. 2-Foreign exchange Reserves of India are kept in the custody of ——RBI. 3- The Export-Import Bank of India was set up in —— January 1982. 4-The Banking Regulation Act was implemented on—– March 10, 1949. 5-The RBI Act was implemented on ———————– 6 March […]

Banking Awareness Quiz for 2016 – SET-1


Banking Awareness Quiz for 2016 – SET-1 The holidays for bank employees are declared as per the provisions of which among the following? RBI Act 1934 Banking Regulation Act 1949 Negotiable Instruments Act 1881 Payment and Settlements Act 2007 None of the above Sol: Option (3) What does ‘F’ stand for in the abbreviation ‘FCCB’? […]

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