What to Expect for IBPS PO Prelims Exam 2018 (Important Topics)

In this article, I will guide you how to prepare for IBPS PO Prelims and topic wise, what type of questions you can expect in the Prelims examination. With time, the level of IBPS PO exam is getting tougher. To crack this exam (IBPS PO Prelims), you must know complete details of the exam and proper topic wise analysis of the type of questions you can expect.

The pattern of the IBPS PO Prelims exam is:-

Pattern for the IBPS PO Prelims Exam

Sl. no Names of Tests Total no. of Questions Total no. of Marks Marks per Question Duration
1 English Language 30 30 1 1 Hour
2 Quantitative Aptitude 35 35 1
3 Reasoning Ability 35 35 1
Total 100 100 1 Hour


 Preparing for English you can expect type of questions given below:-

Topic Type of Questions
Reading Comprehension  Reading Comprehension has become favourite of paper setters, you can expect
more than two passages with or without antonyms- synonyms. The options remain confusing as you will be asked if one statement or pair of statements
can be or cannot be inferred, true or false. The tone of passage can be asked.
The content of passage usually comes from current banking and financial trends, latest changes worldwide, can be of political, analytical, scientific.
Vocabulary based questions Direct Vocabulary based questions can be asked in Prelims exam.
The construct of question may be of various type in terms of antonyms-synonyms, odd one out
Statement incoherent to theme of passage Out of five statements you will have to find that statement which is not coherent to the passage formed by rest of the statements
The statements are usually very close enough to confuse you in making a selection of odd one.
Combining Two Statements The question may come where you will have to combine two statements to form one statement and find the initial line of it.
Completion of passage It seems those days are gone when you were asked to find appropriate words for blanks. In current trends, you will be asked
to find the suitable statement to complete a passage. The missing sentence can be at the start, middle or end of the line.
Sentence Improvement You can expect a lengthy passage with highlighted phrases to be replaced with the appropriate option. The improvement can be in terms of grammar and context as well.
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Quantitative Aptitude

Preparing for Data Analysis & Interpretation you can expect the type of questions given in the table below.

Topic Type of questions
Data Interpretation

Most of the questions are from this section. In Data Interpretation you can expect sets of various type
e.g. – Bar graph, Line Chart, Tabular, Caselet/ Paragraph, Pie chart, Radar chart, Mixed graphs

There can be missing DI also. The concepts used in DI are mostly mixture of some common concepts like:-
Ratio and Proportion, Average, Profit and Loss, Income and Expenditure.

One good approach to Di is, first understand the information given and then attempt questions. While you attempt questions think it in two parts Mathematical construct and Calculation. Try to eliminate options instead of finding the exact solution.

Try to solve a variety of Data Interpretation questions, where mathematical construct and calculation both are complex. To improve your calculations use Vedic mathematics tricks, try to remember squares, cubes, reciprocals, percentage to a fraction.

 Arithmetic Problems

In this section you can expect lengthy question with many statements and figures. Still, there are some topics from which you can score well in less time
e.g. Partnership, Problems on Trains, Probability, Speed Distance and Time, Mensuration etc.

You can expect a number of questions from probability. Try to cover all concepts and type of questions of probability section.

Inequality Earlier in this section equation in two variables are given and you need to find relation between them
e.g. 15X2 – 46X + 35 = 0
4Y2 – 15Y + 14 = 0
But in the new pattern, you can expect questions where you are required to solve two separate statements and compare their values.
e.g.  P = The area of a circle having a radius equal to the diagonal of a rectangle whose length and breadth      are 45 and 30 m.
Q= The number of ways in which you can select three red balls from ten red balls.Find relation between P and Q, if P>Q, P>=Q, P<Q, P<=Q
Data Sufficiency In data sufficiency you can expect statements, which includes questions from various topics ranging from small concepts to complex one. While you attempt this section keep some points in your mind:-

– Be very familiar with the answer choices.
– Write down what you absolutely need in order to find certain quantities.
– Don’t look at the statements together.
– Important information is often buried in the prompt.
– Know when it’s actually necessary to solve single-variable/ system of equations.
– Be on the lookout for statements that give no new information.

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Preparing for Reasoning you can expect type of questions given below:-

Topic Type of questions
Puzzles Puzzles can vary from easy to very difficult.
– The type of puzzles you can expect are:-
Classifications based, Floor based- more than one flat on one floor, Day and month based.
It is probable that this time number of tough or tricky puzzles may increase.
Tough in terms of: –
– Number of parameters.
– Negative statements.
– In direct statements.
Priorities puzzle as per their level of difficulty and try easy to moderate first.
Seating Arrangements  Seating Arrangements questions are of following types:-
– Circular Seating – facing inward, facing outward, facing both side.
– Linear Seating – facing North, South, East , West or mix of two or more directions.
– Square or rectangular – Facing inward, outward or both.
– Seating in more than two rows.The complexity of this type of questions increases with number of parameters in current trends you can expect three or more parameters.
Direction Sense Earlier in Direction Sense the questions use to be there in direct forms. But these days, the level
of questions has increased with multiple indirect statements, distance between points calculative, Ambiguity in determining relative positions.
Logical Reasoning In logical reasoning there are various types of questions like Passage Inference, Statement and Assumption, Conclusion, Argument

Usually the statements are lengthy in size and options remains very close to make it more difficult. You can expect around 7 to 10 questions from this section.
The content of questions usually comes from banking, insurance, economic, current global trends.

Data Sufficiency In this type of questions you can expect questions from any topic of the reasoning be it blood relation, seating arrangements, inequality, order or ranking. The level will remain moderate for this section.
Coding-Decoding In coding and decoding you can expect new pattern of questions
e.g.  In a certain code language
‘given  time  simple  plan’ is written as ‘@E4  &N4  %N5  #E6’
‘tired  solution  plant  great’ is written as ‘#N8  @D5  %T5  &T5’
‘sick  point  good  turn’ is written as ‘#K4  %D4  @N4  &T5’
‘garden  sister  phone  team’ is written as ‘&E5  #R6  %N6  @M4’
Which of the following code for ‘translate’?There may come one more type of question where a certain number is given following certain instructions based on the nature of number, e.g if first digit is even add, subtract or divide. And finding resultant of numbers.
Decision Making In Decision Making the questions are of easy to moderate level.
E.g. Selecting a candidate on the basis of certain eligibility criteria.Another type is Algorithm Based, where decision paths are given based on certain criteria.
Relationship Blood Relations
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All the best for your IBPS PO Prelims Exams.

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