How to prepare for IBPS Bank exam? Easy Shortcuts, Tips & Tricks

How to prepare for IBPS Bank exam? Easy Shortcuts, Tips & Tricks

How to prepare for IBPS Bank exam? Easy Shortcut Tips & Tricks

IBPS is a very popular bank exam. Every year more than one million students apply for this exam. IBPS Department keeps recruitment for different types of posts. Here we will learn some easy steps for preparing for the IBPS Exam.

Most candidates do not have the knowledge of this examination, they start preparing for the IBPS Bank Examination directly. The first rule of preparations for the IBPS exam is, you need to have complete information about this examination. Then you will be able to decide how to prepare for the exam.


What is IBPS Exam?

The Institute of Banking Personnel Selection, which we know in short form, is called “IBPS”. IBPS Department offers various examinations for the participating banks and institutions (IBPS PO Exam), IBPS Clerk Examination, IBPS Specialist Officer, IBPS Specialist Officer Exam), IBPS RRB Exam. Read Full Article About IBPS Exam

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IBPS Examination Process:

IBPS exam is completed in three phases – the first is the initial examination (IBPS Preliminary Exam) then the second stage is the Mains Examination and the candidates passing in both phases are eligible for the last phase / Third phase interview (Interview). (Note: – IBPS clerk exam has no interview phase).

In the table below, you can check the Exam pattern, Subjects, Marks, Time Duration of IBPS Pre and Main’s: –

Exam First Step Second Step Third Step
IBPS PO Exam Pre Mains Interview
IBPS Clerk Exam Pre Mains        –
IBPS SO Exam        – Mains Interview
IBPS RRB Exam Pre Mains Interview

Note – Keep in mind that your entire score will also have negative marking(Read: Tips to Avoid Negative Marking). For every wrong answer (0.25) points will be deducted from your score. Therefore, do not try to impose more laps or estimation, otherwise the points of correct Answers will also be deducted (Negative Marking).

Check the complete information of IBPS negative marking here.

What to prepare for the IBPS exam?

To prepare for the bank exam, first you need to know the IBPS Exam Syllabus. We will talk about the major topics of the IBPS exam here. And then you will learn IBPS Prepation Tips & Tricks.

Main topics are:

How to Prepare Reasoning for IBPS Exam?

Reasoning (logic) = Reasoning is in almost all competitive examinations. Reasoning is also a scoring paper. If you have a good command on this subject then you can easily increase your score. Most questions come from logical and verbal. If you have mastered the IBPS Reasoning Shortcut Tricks and Formula, then you can get good marks in this topic.

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Reasoning Study materials:

Main Reasoning Topics –

  • Coded Inequalities/Mathematical Inequalities
  • Syllogisms – 2/3 Statements along with 2/3 Conclusions, Questions based on Possibility, Questions based on Negative Information
  • Coding/ Decoding – by shifting the Letters, Analogy, Coding in Fictitious Language
  • Circular Seating Arrangement – includes questions of uni or bi-direction. Many times combined with other Information making it double lineup type problem
  • Linear Seating Arrangement – Single/Double rows, Facing each other/ Away from each other/ in same Direction / Different Direction. Sometimes Combined with other Information.
  • Blood Relations – Family Tree Problems, Coded Blood Relations.
  • Directions & Distances – Arranging by Age, Height, Weight, Rank,etc.
  • Ordering & Ranking – Floor based Puzzles, Arranging by Age, Height, Weight etc.
  • Arrangement & Pattern – Number Arrangements, Random Sequence of Alphabets, Mixed Series etc.
  • Double Lineup
  • Scheduling
  • Analogy
  • Classification – Based on Letters, Numbers, Meaningful Words, GK.
  • Data Sufficiency
  • Series – Alphabet Series, Numerical Series, Mixed Series
  • Input Output
  • Critical Reasoning/ Decision Making

Appear for Reasoning Test

How to prepare general knowledge for IBPS exam?

General Knowledge is an important paper for all the banking examinations. If you are aware of the country’s daily incidents and activities like political, social, Indian Economy, trade, market, agriculture, finance, awards, Indian constitution, media, sports, RBI and Banking updates, etc. You can get good marks in this test. Check out the complete IBPS General Knowledge details here. You should regularly read newspapers and magazines to prepare for general knowledge.

Main General Knowledge topics:

Appear for General Knowledge Test

How to prepare for English for IBPS exam?

English is an international language. English is a general paper for all banking examinations. If your English basics are clear then it is very easy to get points in this topic. And it also helps your overall score.

The tester will try to know the basic knowledge of English through this paper. Special attention should be given to Grammar and Vocabulary.

Most students get less marks in the English language paper. The main reason for which is half or incomplete knowledge of the English subject. Pay special attention to the topics given for preparation of English in Bank Examination such as filling blank space, phrases and idioms, direct – indirect period, one word replacement, sentence punctuation, error correction, etc.

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Main English Topics:

Appear for English Test

How to prepare quantitative Aptitude for IBPS?

Quantitative Aptitude = Quantitative Eligibility This paper comes in a tough category. And most of your time goes into solving this test. Data interpretation is the main part of this paper. There will be questions about tabulation, pie chart, line chart, line graph and bar chart etc. That’s why you need to know shortcut formulas and tricks, otherwise this paper will only get worse in calculating your time.

The main topics to note –

Appear for Quantitative Aptitude Test

How to prepare a computer for IBPS exam?

Computer subject is also an important part of the bank exam. Here the tester will try your best to test your computer knowledge and skills. Good points can also be obtained in this subject.

Main Computer Topics –

Appear for Computer Test

IBPS Exam Study Plan + Tips

After knowing the entire syllabus, now is the time to know tips and tricks so that we can easily prepare for IBPS. For this you have to keep in mind the following points. How to prepare for the IBPS exam being at home?

  1. The first and most important lesson is that you have to make a proper plan of how much time you need to prepare. You will not be able to prepare more topics with an incomplete plan.
  2. Keep yourself up-to-date. Read current affairs, daily events and activities, especially associated with the banking and financial industry. For this, you can take the help of newspapers and magazines.
  3. Study only one topic at a time. You will not be able to prepare the two subjects after the end of a topic, otherwise you will not be able to prepare them either. Complete any topic that you prepare and leave it.
  4. Proper Time Management – Divide each subject to prepare it at different times. This will allow you to give appropriate time to all the topics. Set the time to prepare for everyday.
  5. Practice as much as you can. Take help of IBPS Practice Test and Mock Test for this.
  6. Make common sense your weapon – common sense is such a topic in which you can get as many points in the banking examination. Put a habit of daily reading. Newspapers, magazines and some good books of general knowledge like read mirror and manorama etc.
  7. Study the question paper for the last year of IBPS exam. There is an accurate knowledge of how the paper is going to come.
  8. Take proper diet, take good sleep and stay anxious. At the time of the examination, keep all your anxieties and problems aside and focus only on your preparation.
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Students who want to pursue a career in the banking field should get used to the above mentioned points. If there is a little left out in the information prepared for the given IBPS bank examination, express your thoughts in the comments section below. Share your thoughts for any other suggestions, questions and any other inquiries. IBPS Official site – Check out other post related to IBPS exam.

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