Common Mistakes to Avoid in Bank Exams

IBPS Exams are about to come, and we hope, you must be doing preparation well.

Here we are discussing some common mistake that people do in the exam, and it must be avoid in exam to get better exam in IBPS exams, aspires should read and understand below some common mistake. if you avoid these mistake you will surely can get better scope in upcoming IBPS Exams.

Lack of Practice

Practice is Big Thing in exam, you must do practice before all the exams at home, do practice as much as you can,it will surely be helpful in exam, if you do practice, you will be able to solve questions faster as you have already practiced it as home, and also you need to do practice and solve the questions in given time, so set your time first and start solving the questions within that time.

there are many portal that provide free and paid online test, you can do practice on those website, some people are good to solve question on papers and not on online, so try to do online test practice, because there are big difference in Off line exams and online exams. while doing online system you need to keep seeing the screen and paper on where you are solving your questions, so you also need to do practice on that

we also have our online mock test section, you can have online test for are links

IBPS online mock test 

we have online mock test for all the section, here are links for all

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we have good study material for practice click here  and for free online test 

Not using Shortcuts/formulas:

There are some shortcut available  for solving the questions quickly. If you dont know formulas, it may take longer to solve the questions. so you must know all the formulas and shortcuts. And its more  important to practice all the shortcuts and formulas. If you’re not able to remember these formulas , start practicing with these formulas. Later on you will be able to remember all these things and become handy shortcuts . Practice is very important in all cases. Continuous practice will help you remember formulas. To use these formulas and shortcuts in solving the questions in IBPS exam will definitely save your time.

Don’t stick to just one subject:

If you’re good in any particular subject ,you need to solve that section first. It will help you to score more. If you’re not able to solve some questions , just skip those questions and try to solve later.

However you must give an equal importance (if not equal, at least adequate importance) to all subject.

Improper Time Management:

Time management is necessary for all the subjects. Try to solve the questions quickly but in accurate manner. Only practice can help to save the time in exams. So again you should do lots of practice.

Guessing the answer:

Try to avoid guessing the answer , it may harm your rank in exam. So if you’re very confidant then only you may guess the answer.

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