Which One is Better Banking Exam: RBI Assistant or SBI PO?

Which One is Better Banking Exam: RBI Assistant or SBI PO?

RBI Assistant or SBI PO

RBI and SBI both are premier banks in the country where RBI is the mother of all banks and SBI is the banker to every Indian so when it comes to comparison as to which bank is better when it comes to jobs.

Every year thousands of banking aspirants sit for exams on a national level with the aim of getting a job in one of these nationalised banks and have a safe future for themselves.

These exams are conducted once or twice in a year on a national level where only 100 people are selected out of the thousands who give the exam especially for a SBI PO and a RBI assistant which are some of the biggest posts in the banking industry these days. So let’s understand in detail about both the examinations in detail and then come into a conclusion.

What is an RBI assistant examination?

An RBI assistant examination is conducted once in a year for the post of assistants in various RBI branches all across the country.

The RBI assistant post is one of the very important posts in the bank where a person is given important responsibilities where you need to work as individual handling things.

You will be slowly promoted as well, now as this is an important post so you have to go through a tough exam that happens in 3 phases.

The first one is a written test where you and thousands of others are given a chance to appear for a national level exam and when you clear it you will have to appear for the second level of exams which happens online and is called the main exam followed by which you can go ahead and give the final interview in case you clear the online exam.

Process of recruitment in RBI after clearing the exam

Well the process of selection in RBI is pretty strict as you need to be extremely good with your skills and knowledge about core banking. The process of RBI recruitment is very strict and done in a very formal and perfect way where after completing two exams where one is written and one is online and then you finally go ahead with the face to face interview directly to Delhi to the head office where you will be interviewed by experts in RBI.

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After this the final results will be given out and then the postings will happen. The process is pretty long and takes a year to complete. Working in the RBI is definitely a matter of pride and honour for each and every Indian as this Bank of all Banks the mother bank.

What is the SBI PO exam?

Well SBI PO stands for State Bank of India Probationary Officer examination that is held twice in a year. This exam is one of the very famous exams that almost all the commerce graduates who want to get into banking give with the motive of getting a probationary officer job in SBI.

This is one of the biggest posts in the SBI now where a person is directly put into the probationary officer’s post In case he or she is among the top 50 people who clear the exams. Rest of the people get a chance in the lower banks and private banks depending on their capabilities. They are sent for an interview as well in different banks rather called by different banks for different posts.

Advantages of SBI PO exam

When it comes to the advantages of giving the SBI PO exam then the biggest advantage is that you can apply for posts in different banks as well as it’s not just limited to the SBI. This exam gives flexibility for you to choose any bank to work in as it’s not limited to the SBI only as it gets limited when it comes to RBI recruitment after giving the RBI Assistant exam as you can only get a job in an RBI Bank in and office assistant post.

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Moreover when you take the PO training you actually go through all the parts of banking in detail so you gain a lot of knowledge. There are coaching centres from where you can avail the SBI PO training and also clear the exam as they make sure that you pass the exam by thoroughly training you.

Process of recruitment in SBI PO Post

Well a true fact about PO post is that only passing the exam won’t make you fit and eligible for the post as the probationary officer of any bank should be a dynamic person. You will be tested on your all round skills and talents before you are given a good post in any bank and when it comes to SBI which is the so called banker to every Indian things are pretty serious.

There is a medical test also that needs to be cleared before you get the job in a government recognised clinic. Then there is this face to face interview as well which is done in the head office of the SBI in the area where you will be posted in future.

Which one is better: RBI Assistant or SBI PO?

See both the course are good and are rewarding if you can actually get through them so when it comes to starting a career in Banking then you can try out both. But then working in RBI is definitely a matter of pride and honour as that are the biggest and the best bank in the country.

The process of RBI recruitment is also tough and you have to go through multiple phases of tests and examinations to clear the whole thing and get a job. But the biggest advantage here is the salary and Perks which is way more better than that of SBI so if people ask which bank is better than it is always RBI that wins from any other bank in the country be it a private bank or a nationalised bank.

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