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How to Prepare for IBPS Clerk 2016

Dear Reader, 

We are going to discuess what should be our planing and strategy for IBPS Clerk 2016, firstly we let you know about this IBPS Clerk Exam

  • All the Exams in now in IBPS is held on 2 phase , one is preliminary exam and second one is main exam
    Preliminary exam consist of 100 questions it includes quantitative aptitude-35, reasoning-35, English-30 which is to be solved in 60 min
  • Main Exams consist of 200 question which contains 40 question in  these topic (quantitative aptitude reasoning English  computer knowledge  and current affairs)
  • then after clearing cutoff , candiate to face interview.

IBPS Clerk PO Interview Common & Top Asking Questions

Last Updated on Tuesday, 08 December 2015 13:58

Dear reader, here we are providing some very common interview question, these are mostly asked in interview by interviewer, so you should know these questions and should prepare accordingly, some questions are common and some question can be very unique, so you should aware of current affairs/ new what is going on around the world, your views on current news or happening.  Interviewer also can ask questions on current affair and ask you to tell them your view on current topic. Please read below come basic common questions


Daily Current Affairs - 30th October 2015

Last Updated on Saturday, 31 October 2015 12:32


  • In an unprecedented move by the members of the United Nations General Assembly, 191 members out of the 193 have voted for a resolution condemning the embargo imposed by USA on Cuba for the last five decades. Even if the countries have resumed diplomatic relations, the financial restrictions are still in place. Only US and Israel have voted against the resolution that has been moved to protest against the stand of the most powerful country in the world
  • In a report published by the United Nations Framework on Climate Change, the temperature of the world is all set to increase by 2.7 degrees even if all the countries comply by their Intended Nationally Determined Targets (INDC) submitted to the UN organization. A total of 146 countries have submitted the plan and the UN report has made an aggregate of the contributions in order to understand the consequences of such an emission cut

General Awareness Quiz: 30th October 2015

1. Dharia Committee is famous in the financial circle because of its suggestions regarding –

  1. Public Distribution System
  2. Banking Regulations
  3. Capital Adequacy Ratio
  4. Urban Cooperative Banks
  5. Basel Regulations

Sol: Option (1)

2. All the Indian banks have been asked by the RBI to comply with the Basel III norms. In which year were the regulations regarding Basel I introduced?

  1. 1987
  2. 1988
  3. 1989
  4. 1990
  5. 1994

Sol: Option (2)


Daily Current Affairs - 29th October 2015

Last Updated on Saturday, 31 October 2015 12:31


  • In a worsening situation for the country, the founder director of Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology, PM Bhargava has become the first scientist to have committed to returning the Padma Award bestowed on him. The step has been taken by him to protest against the erosion of science and logic and rational thought in the country
  • Abu Qasim, the mastermind behind the Udhampur Attack has been gunned down by the security forces in the Bandipora region, which is around 40 km away from Capital Srinagar. The encounter lasted most of last night and this morning before the forces could get the better of the infamous terrorist from Lakshar-e-Taiba
  • In a move that will be further worse for the relations between India and Pakistan, the elite Sindhi Club in Karachi, Pakistan, has refused to host the Indian High Commissioner to Pakistan, TCA Raghavan and his wife, on October 26, 2015

Daily Current Affairs - 28th October 2015


  • India has jumped 12 places in the Ease of Doing Business Report 2015 as per the estimates of World Bank. It is now 130th out of 189 countries. Singapore tops the chart with New Zealand following suit
  • The 3rd phase of polling is underway in Bihar with the fates of as many as 50 seats will be decided in this phase of the polls

General Awareness Quiz: 27th October 2015

Last Updated on Wednesday, 28 October 2015 12:28

1. “Endorsement” is a term which is related to-

  1. Negotiable Instruments
  2. Deceased cases settlement
  3. Home loans
  4. Personal loans
  5. None of the above

Sol: Option (A)

2. Banks often offer various services other than the basic banking services. This is known as-

  1. Value Added Services
  2. Cross Selling
  3. Mutual Selling
  4. Confidence Building Selling
  5. None of the above

Sol: Option (B)


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